Anniversary adventure

We had plans to go to Lawrence, our favorite day trip destination, for our anniversary this weekend. But, with the weather weirdness lately, we decided to play it safe and wait until things warm up a bit. So, we stayed closer to home and took a quick trip to Wamego and Alma. It was a really pretty morning, and we started the day with banana oatmeal and coffee. Sorry, no pictures, the batteries went dead in the camera this morning. I’ll take a shot next time, though, because the banana actually made the oatmeal look much prettier. After breakfast, we ran a few errands here in Manhattan and then headed down highway 24 to Wamego. We got a nice walk in while we were there – I’ve been wearing a pedometer for a walk challenge we’re doing at work, and our exploration of Wamego clocked in at over 2 miles.

For a teeny tiny town, Wamego is pretty cool. They have an Oz Museum, which I avoided at all cost due to Wizard of Oz-related fears, but it was impossible to completely avoid Dorothy and her little dog, because that’s pretty much the extended metaphor of Wamego. They randomly have a really fancy specialty food store, with chocolates, sauces, pasta, coffee, tea, and some cookware. Right next door is Ozland Winery, with locally produced wine.

We had lunch at the Friendship House, a bakery and cafe that are in an actual house. Seriously, the customer restroom had a bathtub. And Clorox wipes, which I thought was pretty smart. Here’s a picture of the house:


The lunch menu was just soup and sandwiches, two of my favorites, but my meal actually wasn’t that great. The sandwich was tiny and the soup had some unidentified meat in it:


They did have homemade chocolate pie, which really got me excited, as I love pie above all things, but that came up short, too.


It basically tasted like Jell-o chocolate pudding with some Cool Whip, a few chocolate chips (that were actually sweaty, so I think this was sitting in the refrigerator for a while), and a standard crust. I had about two bites and some of the crust (the best part of pie) and Matt finished the rest.

We also bought a dozen of their cookies, and I’m happy to report that the sugar cookie I just split with Matt was delicious. Next time we’ll know to go to Toto’s Tacoz for lunch and Friendship House strictly for baked goods.

Then it was on to Alma for cheese. Whenever we drive back from the airport, we always pass a billboard for “Famous Alma Cheese,” and, since I love cheese almost as much as I love pie, we had to go. The creamery was pretty great, and they had cheap local cheese along with other snacks made in Kansas. How could anyone resist this?


It’s nibblin’ good!

After a quick walk in downtown Alma, where it started to get really dark and cooler out, we came back home. All in all, a fun trip, and check out this haul:


I can’t believe how much money I spent today, but, hey, how often do you go to Wamego? Sorry for the weird flash effect, but hopefully you can see the Swiss chocolate and then the local stuff: pear honey, strawberry rhubarb jam, Surrender wine (dedicated to Judy Garland, apparently), some little cookies, peanut butter snack mix and Famous Alma Cheese!

Last, but definitely not least – cookies!


And now, instead of going to the gym to work off the cookies I’m sure to eat later, I’m going to listen to my exhaustion and take a nap before tonight’s K-State game and the big, exciting no. 1/no. 2 match-up between Memphis and Tennessee.


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  1. Tara says:

    Cheese is food from the gods. Mmmmm….yum

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