Fruity Friday

I had to go by the cable company after work today to pick up our new DVR (yay!) and it happened to be right next to Westside Market, an awesome local produce place. I stopped by to restock the fruit bowl, which was looking pretty sad. It was nice, after a not so great week, to pick out some pretty fruit. They even had peaches for the first time in months. See now nice the fruit bowl looks now (ignore the banana)?


Unfortunately, there was a classic Jenny incident on the way in the house and the perfect pears I scored almost didn’t make it. I managed to salvage part of one and had that with dessert tonight. Pears are my favorite fruit at the moment, ever since I tried one for the first time a few weeks ago (really). I’ve learned the hard way that they’re more delicate than they look, and the ones that suffered today got so bruised that they kind of… caved in. But whatever, at least I know where I can buy good ones now.

On to dinner…

I gave the bulgur a break and made a quick dinner that my friend Donna suggested one day last week when I told her what I had around the kitchen.


It was really easy – I just cut up chicken breast (one package) into smallish pieces, and cooked over medium heat until cooked through. I took out half to save for another meal and then added frozen spinach, cooked for about 4 minutes, stirring often. I added mushrooms and about 2/3 cup of chickpeas for some extra protein, and cooked for another few minutes, stirring in some lemon juices and a little bit of crushed red pepper. While all that was happening, I cooked some whole wheat couscous by adding 1/2 cup couscous to 3/4 cup of boiling water and simmering, covered, for two minutes. If you just remove the couscous from the heat and let them sit for about 5 minutes, they’re ready. It turned out well, so thanks, Donna!

And now, it’s the weekend. We have plans to go to exotic Wamego, KS tomorrow if the weather holds up. There’s likely to be food involved, so I’m looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!


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