I lied

I lied about having leftovers. I forgot that we’ll be rushed for dinner tomorrow night because we have a basketball game. We’ll be on Big Monday, so look for us at 8pm CST on ESPN! So, leftovers will have to wait.

Tonight, I got adventurous and made this recipe for caramelized tofu. I saw it recently and must have known I really wanted to make it, because I happened to buy brussels sprouts during my morning excursion to the grocery store. This meal was an extra adventurous move for me, because I’ve never cooked tofu OR brussels sprouts (I usually get the microwaveable kind). Amazingly, it turned out really well, and was super easy. I prepped the food in advance, but the actual cooking only took about as long as halftime of the Carolina game. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly – I didn’t have pecans, so I used walnuts, I left out the cilantro (accidentally), and I used about 1/3 lb brussels sprouts instead of 1/2. But it was still delicious! We had it with brown rice and both went back for seconds.



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