Hotpot for a cold day

The wind was pretty brutal again today. I was tricked by the forecast into somehow believing that the high might actually get to 40. HA.

Anyway, I was wrong about having my beautiful grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today, as I remembered late last night that I had a work lunch. We went to a popular campus spot, the closest thing to a faculty club that we have on campus. They usually have soup and limp veggies, and a salad bar, so I’m generally able to find something vaguely filling without turning to the overwhelmingly well-stocked dessert table. Today was kind of an exception, as the soup seemed like it might have both bacon and cream in it (not exactly what I’m looking for in a light lunch), and the main course options were meat loaf (I don’t eat beef) and fried chicken (again with the heaviness). So I had an iceberg salad, some of today’s limp veggies, rice, some pasta salad, a roll, a sugar-free cookie (yeah, just about as good as it sounds) and an orange. The orange was awesome, at least, and they kept the coffee coming. But I still spent the afternoon feeling carbo-loaded and tired.

So, dinner had to be really awesome to make up for it. I’ve been wanting to make this chickpea hotpot recipe for a few days now, and we had leftover chickpeas and bulgur. It turned out wonderfully. It’s got orange juice in it, which is fascinating, and makes for a really thick, citrus-y stew. Mmmm. Perfect for a blustery day. Here it is with a slice of oatmeal toast and a little plain yogurt:



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