Back on track

I’m back on my 5:30am weekday gym schedule after more than a week off due to a minor arthritis flare, a heel injury, and general laziness. I do kickboxing on Wednesday nights, but that leaves at least three super early mornings a week involving a 4:50am alarm.  I had a big bowl of banana oatmeal when I got home, but I was still starving for most of the day. I was more active than I have been recently, with the workout plus walking to and from work (~3 miles round trip) plus a walk on my lunch break, so I think my body was trying to adjust.

I called Matt before I left work and asked him to have our emergency Amy’s Kitchen frozen cheese pizza ready when I got home, so that was waiting for me, and I also threw together a salad with mixed greens, pineapple (which was expiring today), avocado, some toasted sliced almonds and a quick dressing that I made (1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp honey, lemon juice, salt and pepper).


This was my first time trying any of the Amy’s pizzas. I like Amy’s soups and some of the frozen meals, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It was good, but not especially filling. I ended up going back for two more servings of salad and I still wasn’t full. We tried a Kashi pizza a few weeks back, and I think that one was a little better.

Now I’m having some tea and getting ready to call it a night. There’s a lot of basketball on tomorrow, but hopefully I can find the time to grocery shop and make something a little more creative for dinner.


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