Random dinner

I took my lunch hour at the end of the day today and left early so that we could go get some prescriptions filled. In the interest of getting painkillers in Matt’s system immediately, we went straight to Panera, which is in the same shopping center as Target. I’ve been really up and down with my hunger today, completely full until about 11:30, when I was suddenly starving and scarfed down my morning snack and lunch all at once. I had a Kashi granola bar at about 2:45, but I was still hungry when we hit Panera at 4:30, so I had a cup of their vegetarian garden vegetable soup, which I really like.

Before Matt left for work, I made a quick strawberry salad w/ romaine, quartered strawberries, a little crumbled cheese, toasted almonds and some balsamic vinaigrette.


I also had a slice of leftover “mexican pizza” from my pre-basketball game dinner last night. It looks kind of giant in this picture, but if you’re interested in portion sizes, it’s about 1/8 of a large flour tortilla. I asked for it “light on the cheese, heavy on the pico de gallo” and what I got was “light on the cheese, with about five tiny tomato pieces.” Oh well. It was good.


Since I had a pretty light, random dinner, and since it’s kickboxing night, I’ll probably have a small snack in an hour or so. I’m usually hungry after my class, too (it’s pretty intense), so I’ve already worked out a deal with myself where I get to eat one of my delicious and seriously expensive Fage 2% yogurts when I get home.


One Response to Random dinner

  1. Donna says:

    what is up with your ENORMOUS hand???

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