Miss Figgy

I really hate to spring forward, especially when it’s already a struggle for me to get enough sleep to continue to behave like a semi-normal human being. So, I decided to start my shortened day with a treat – steel cut oats with a fig-based topping. Donna found the recipe for the topping on Cook’s Illustrated and shared it with me. It was really easy – just cook the oats (I did steel cut b/c it’s the weekend and I actually had the time), and when they’re finishing up, make a fig glaze with quartered dried figs, honey, water, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Yum.  Here it is in a brand new bowl (who knew that Food Network had its own line of cook- and dishware?) with coffee.


Mmmmm. Fig Newton-y. And hey, look at the sunshine! At least this year, Spring Forward day is pretty and, for here, relatively warm (forecast is calling for mid-40s). Maybe that’ll take the edge off.

Now it’s time for another ridiculously busy Sunday: getting prescriptions, figuring out what we’re going to eat this week, exercising (maybe outside? Dare to dream), cleaning the house, cleaning out the car, laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills… And I’ll be doing it all with ONE LESS HOUR to work with.

But, before all that, it’s time to soak my tragic  little  foot.


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