Okay, springing forward officially sucks. My alarm rang this morning a 4:50 (formerly known as 3:50) and I just couldn’t make it happen, so I skipped the gym. On my way into work I realized that my new medicine not only makes me a little dizzy and headachy, but also makes stairs a little interesting. I somehow managed to stay coherent through 3 hours teaching high school students how to do research/not get lost in the library. Score.

Matt had his root canal today, and after work we went to Target to get more antibiotics and, of course, a few random other things. I spend so much money at Target. I would go there and buy things every single day if I let myself. And I’d feel bad about it if I wasn’t aware that the whole point of Target is to make people buy things. “Oh, you’re here for prescriptions, but don’t you also really need some toasted coconut marshmallows (I put them back, but it wasn’t easy)? And a monkey sippy cup (that one I kept in the basket)?”

Anyway, Matt had scrambled eggs for dinner b/c his mouth is all bloody and the novacaine still hasn’t worn off, so I did a little experimental dinner for one: Quinoa Risotto with Citrus Vegetables.


Also in there is some lemon pepper tuna, because I have a headache and if there’s one thing my mom taught me about food, it’s that protein makes your headache go away. Traditionally this headache-relieving formula involves a big scoop of peanut butter, but I went with the tuna to test it out.

You guys. If you’re not eating quinoa, you have to. It is fun to say, number one, and, number two, it’s all nutty-tasting and strangely transparent which makes it much more interesting than rice. So I basically made the quinoa and stirred in 1 tbsp of shredded parmesan cheese. Yes, I know this is not real risotto as it lacks arborio rice and lots of extra fat. But still, quite delicious.

To celebrate “spring,” which in Kansas means “over 40,” I made some asparagus that was on its last legs, sliced in a zucchini in similar shape, sauteed them and then added some OJ and lemon juice. Citrusy.

Then, I got bold and tried another new fruit. The pear thing worked out so well that I knew I was ready for….


A blood orange. It looks so wrong. But it tasted so right!

After I did some weights while enjoying an episode of Get Fresh With Sara Snow about green (hippie) weddings, I had some dessert. Now that I know about Nutella, I have to work it in any way I can.


Here it is in “healthy” mode, on a rice cake.

OKAY. It’s a caramel corn cake, which probably isn’t very healthy after all. But check out my new monkey cup! There’s milk in it.

Because I’m 3.


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