Stuff it

I see people and restaurants make stuffed vegetables all the time – stuffed peppers of various kinds, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed zucchini, etc. And, I thought this might be a nice, softish type of thing to make for Matt and his temporary teeth. I went with stuffed green peppers because, well, they were on sale.

Here they are, fresh from the oven:


I actually had to put them back in for a little longer after this – the peppers were a little crunchier than I imagined. I really have no idea what it should be like, I’ve never eaten a stuffed pepper. I had a stuffed mushroom once at one of those free vendor parties at ALA. It was breaded and cheesy and I’m pretty sure I got some on my sweater because they never have tables and I was probably also holding a beer or something.

Anyway, I ate one of these halves (I wasn’t very hungry because I ate about 482 graham crackers with Nutella when I got home from work), and it was pretty delightful. It’s a nice variation on rice and beans.

Here’s what I did:

Wash, halve and seed 3 green bell peppers (I am really paranoid about the seeds b/c Matt or someone else once told me that they will kill you. Also, once in third grade, this kid named Manil got a pepper seed in his eye and told me he almost went blind). Put on a cookie sheet or some other kind of baking dish.

Prepare 1 cup of dry bulgur (cook in 2 cups liquid, simmering for about 15 minutes. You could use rice or another grain here, too). Add beans (probably anything would work here, but I used pinto beans). Mix together, add spices (chili powder and cumin in this case) and spoon into pepper halves (about 1/3 cup of the mixture seemed to fit in each pepper). Add salsa and cheese. I used shredded 2%, and it didn’t work out so well – a little hard or something. I think I’ll try it with slices if I do this again. Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes. Add extra salsa. Sour cream might also be tasty.

Oh, and I also had some leftover salad from last night.

I’ll probably also have a Fage or some more Nutella or both sometime before I go to sleep. Which could be any second now.


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