Tarts madness

Whatever, I know “tarts” doesn’t sound that much like “March,” but I’m really tired. Tonight, I learned how to make a pear tart while K-State beat up on USC in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Donna was making a tart for her mom’s birthday, and she volunteered to educate me.

I made mine in honor of several different things:

  1. First day of spring
  2. Half day tomorrow
  3. First day of NCAA men’s tournament
  4. K-State’s win
  5. I finally started my taxes
  6. I have an IRA now; I’m an official grown-up

All very tart-worthy, yes? Yes.

Anyway, here are my little tart cups. I made four, two with just pears and two with some craisins and sliced almonds tossed on top. Both have a delightful walnut crust. Here they are:


And here’s one, up close and personal:


Matt and I split a plain one, which was delicious, and then he had a whole plain one on his own, so I’ve still got two of the extra pretty ones left (uh, mostly).

But nothing compares to the loveliness of the big megatart for Donna’s mom:


Check out that crust. Mmmmm. What a birthday treat.


One Response to Tarts madness

  1. Donna says:

    mmmmmmmm tarts! You forgot to mention in your post that you totally rocked that mandolin, too. New equipment counts just as much as new food.

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