My left eye hurts

My allergies are back IN FULL FORCE and yet I still insist on walking to work. Outside. If there was a 1.5 mile tunnel connecting me to work, this would be a whole different story. But there’s not. And so, tonight I look like I have a substance abuse problem because my left eye is red and sort of closed. It was bad last night, too, but I took some Benadryl before bed, and that seemed to carry through for much of today. Though I did spend most of my reference desk shift this afternoon inadvertently winking at people walking by.

I just got back from Target, where I went to buy eye drops but came home with sixty dollars worth of cleaning products, shirts, tights, and things in jars. Before that, I made what was supposed to be Tilapia with Citrus Vinaigrette but turned out to be Tilapia with salt and pepper (and a gross messy pan). Here it is with roasted brussels sprouts and whole wheat couscous:


It’s strange to me that I can probably eat a pound of brussels sprouts. And that I crave them when I have headaches. So, from now until the end of allergy season, at least, I’ll be wanting brussels sprouts. Then it will suddenly be 115 degrees every day and I will actually be burning, so I won’t notice the headaches as much.

Our apartment is so small that the whole thing still smells like fish and I’m paranoid that it’s gotten into all of my clothes and tomorrow when I have to give a presentation to the department heads, I’ll stink and I’ll be just like that girl we always made fun of on the bus in third grade (I still feel bad about it). Anyway, so I’m spraying everything frantically with some kind of “odor neturalizer” I happened to pick up tonight.

I’m going to tend to my eye. And spray one more time.


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