Nacho salad

I threw two of the best foods in the world together in a big bowl and called it dinner:


It’s a massive amount of lettuce, some leftover black bean salsa from taco night heated up with a little cheese, and a few blue corn and flaxseed chips (Target) thrown in. Mostly because I really like when chips absorb things and get all soggy. Also, I heard flax makes you really happy and has other health benefits. Clearly, I could use some health benefits.

This was kind of light for dinner, probably because I spent the afternoon eating candy and almond butter from the jar. Halfway through, I got inspired and added a third component to nacho salad: bulgur!


Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind.

Note that this salad was so massive that my normal bowls couldn’t accommodate it, so I had to serve myself in a small mixing bowl.

I had all kinds of good intentions to make a delicious soup for dinner tonight, but I still don’t feel well, and after working for most of the day, including standing for two hours while talking to disinterested high school students, I really wasn’t up for it. So, I took the easy way out. I’ll get to the soup sometime. Hopefully before the pears go bad.

Tonight, we did something pretty exciting: we left the house on a Friday night, and it wasn’t even to go to Target. We went to Donna’s, where we contributed to a tray of pretty skewers for a baby shower:


We made the ones on the left. In exchange for some fancy homemade hot chocolate. Did you know that some people don’t use the packets? I know. Weird.

The excitement of “going out” on a Friday night has taken its toll on my 108 year old inner self, and I’m going to bed. I skipped all exercise today, as per my doctor’s strong suggestion, and it just made me feel nervous. I’ll have to work something in tomorrow. Maybe a heavy session of Wii Sports.


One Response to Nacho salad

  1. Donna says:

    Not using the packets is TOTALLY NORMAL.

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