Souper Saturday

Um. Yeah. I just couldn’t think of another title.

I did not go to Target today, as we will go tomorrow morning after we take our laundry to the Wash Palace. Also, I’ve already been maybe three times this week, so waiting it out seemed like a good idea – make it a little more special. And, I can enjoy my favorite Sunday morning activity – looking at the Target ad online as soon as I wake up.

Instead, I went to the public library, took a walk with Matt (who is monitoring my exercise after this morning’s episode), went to buy a few groceries, and walked to the mall and to Best Buy. Though I currently have some beef with Manhattan (as it is KILLING ME slowly by attacking my sinuses), it’s really nice to live in such a walkable town. Chapel Hill was walkable, too, but you couldn’t walk to the mall OR Best Buy without risking important pieces of yourself, like your legs. Or your life.

When we got back from the mall, I made Golden Pear Soup, a Mollie Katzen recipe from Still Life with Menu. I’ve been excited about it all week, and I think I must have overhyped it, because I’m honestly a little disappointed. I think the pears were too ripe and not tart enough. Because, which creamy and delicious, this soup was a little too in my face with its sweetness (though I’ll note that Matt thought it wasn’t sweet enough). Actually, it may have been my selection of butternut squash as the base. Maybe I’ll try it with something a little less sweet next time.

It had a really nice texture, though. Seriously, the immersion blender is the greatest invention of our time.


Roasted green beans with balsamic vinegar and sliced almonds on the side:


All together with a mini bagel:


I may have very little to post in the next few days. Money’s tight until payday, and we don’t have a lot to work with here, so we’ll probably be having a lot of leftovers. Though I hate to disappoint the halves of dozens of you that read this, so I’ll see what I can do.

Okay, it is time for me to give my attention to the Elite Eight. And then do some major dishes. I owe Matt a break – he did them yesterday and then spent some serious time today vacuuming the 700 square feet of my hair that is our carpet.


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