Double deja vu

I’m sure you were all worried that this happened to me.

Not so.

I just got distracted by things like: a shopping trip to Topeka (no, really, this is exciting); having a saleswoman tell me that I look like I’m “fourteen, fifteen, maybe sixteen AT THE MOST” and that she ask ed me for my ID because she thought I was using my mother’s credit card; the most depressing college basketball game in the world; trying to do my taxes, realizing I’m the least organized person I know; almost having to pay 600 dollars for overdue books (they probably would’ve taken away my official librarian decoder ring for this, too); etc.

Last night, at Matt’s special request, we had bulgurritos. I made a filling with bulgur, a red potato, and leftover cheesesteak fillings. And some kale chips. Matt would not eat those. Here it is, with some of the filling that wouldn’t fit in the burrito on the side:

See how beautifully I set up this photograph, delicately placing my plate on the living room chair. In case you didn’t know this about us, we usually eat on the floor. We only sort of have a table, so we always eat in the living room. On special occasions, we use trays.

I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.

Tonight, we had a modified version of last week’s pasta.

Whole wheat penne, roasted tomatoes/asparagus/zucchini, chicken breast and feta.

Now I’m going to go work on my taxes some more.



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