Fancy grits

I keep seeing polenta everywhere – on the Food Network, in cooking magazines, on blogs, in cookbooks – but I’d never had it before. Matt’s had it plenty, but I’ve never really even thought of it. It was okay. I mean. It’s grits. Just, yellow. I guess it was kind of thicker and creamier, too.

Here it is in a Skinny Bitch in the Kitch-inspired recipe, with sauteed peppers and onions and chicken-apple sausage:

I picked up this sausage because we like this pizza at Ingredient called the “Applewood,” which has smoked chicken-apple sausage and cheese and other good pizza things. As Matt so graciously pointed out, this sausage is not nearly as good as that kind, but I still thought it was pretty good.

Does this dish look greasy? It wasn’t. But it was shiny. Maybe that’s why the picture looks funny.

For dessert, I had one of the little pear crisplets that I made last night with a little bit of vanilla yogurt and some ground flaxseed. I picked these little teeny baking dishes up at Target on Sunday, and I had to do something with them immediately. This little crisplet has about 1/3 of a pear, 1 or 2 strawberries, and some crispy oat topping.

Sorry for the bad photo. But, hey, if you look really closely at the top right corner, you can judge us based on our DVD collection. So, that’s something.

Okay, time to clean the kitchen and do some ironing. I hate ironing, so I got some fancy “ironing spray” to make the experience more appealing. Let’s see if that works.


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