I’m lazy


I’ve been saying that I’ll go grocery shopping “tomorrow” for, I don’t know, a week? Ten days? Something. I was all set to do that, BUT ultimately, I’m lazy. So, I didn’t. This might be less sad/more understandable if I didn’t live immediately behind a grocery store. I’ve clocked it on my pedometer, and it’s closer, door to door, than the closest restroom/water fountain/hot water pot to my office in the library. And I have no problem making that trek 68 times a day. Maybe admitting this to all (four) of you will shame me into grocery shopping.

Luckily, I always have vegetables/grains/things in cans for hard times like these, so I made some chicken barley chili. This is probably the best recipe I’ve ever gotten from the back of a box. My mom is really good at scoping those out, so maybe it’s genetic.

Wait. I think this is the only recipe I’ve ever gotten from the back of a box. Maybe it skips a generation and I’m just carrying the gene.

Right. Here’s my bowl:

You can tell it was still nice and warm, since the bowl is sweating.

This meal has many virtues, including very little chopping, mostly canned goods, a single pot to clean, five of the best foods in the world (black beans, chicken, corn, tomatoes, salsa) and two of the best spices (chili, cumin). Speaking of cumin, I have to thank my Aunt, who sent me a nice package with a ton of shirts and a ginormous container of cumin. I was starting to panic because I was almost out. Now I’m set.

They’re calling for weird weather here later this week – possible snow and things – so at least I know we’ll have this chili to tide us over until I can talk myself into walking the .05 miles to the store.

Actually, I just realized that I once made a really good cookie recipe from the side of a Bob’s Red Mill Muesli bag, so maybe I do have the gift.


One Response to I’m lazy

  1. Donna says:

    Mmmmmmm. Ridiculously delicious.

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