Sno’ boyz

Last night, I had one of those terrifying restaurant moments where there was a fourteen-way tie for what I wanted to order and the waitress was there waiting for me to decide and all I could think was “WHAT IF I CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE?” Although, honestly, everything I was considering came with tater tots as a side option, so it would’ve been hard to go wrong.

What I went with was some kind of chicken sandwich with pizza sauce and mushrooms. And, tater tots, obvs.

Do people still say that?

One of the other options I considered was a shrimp po’ boy, but their version had fried shrimp, and I happen to have a delicate constitution that doesn’t handle fried food well. There’s another restaurant in town that does a non-fried bbq shrimp po’ boy that I loooooooove, and it comes with “taters,” which are basically potatoes with a bunch of cheese and something saucy and, sadly, I just learned that the saucy business contains pork, which I don’t eat. Luckily, I don’t really eat there often because it smells weird.

There’s a point to this.

We were going to go out to dinner tonight, because our heat stopped working last night sometime and the house was freezing. But, by the time I got home from work, the landlord had fixed it, so we stayed in. They’re calling for snow overnight, and it’s freezing outside, so we settled in for a night of TV and some homemade po’ boys.

I made my own version of the meal I described earlier, minus the bbq sauce (I don’t typically have that around) and the grease and pork associated with the real “taters.”

Jenny-style taters with chili powder, cumin and, of course, cheese:

(I know it’s not a good picture, but I put it up anyway, because I think they look kind of… ON FIRE)

Grilled shrimp po’ boy with red peppers:
po' boys

And here’s the whole thing. On a stool. With some steamed broccoli (with cheese), because I wanted to use my new steamer, and because I was feeling a little guilty about having double desserts at lunch. Of course, in the end, that didn’t stop me from making myself 4 no-bake cookies that I saw featured on Couch Cubicle. No pictures, because the cookies magically disappeared.

It was really good. Matt ate three po’ boys, so that’s a solid yes vote.


A shirt that I personally own was actually featured in an episode of What Not To Wear. Like, as an example of a good thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be bragging about it.

Tara and I sent our chapter to the editor yesterday, so I’ve got this weekend to kick back and relax a little bit. I guess I’ll finish my taxes. But I’m only in it for the return.

Now, we’ll wait for the snow. And try not to hate our families, who enjoyed 80 degree weather in North Carolina today.


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