I’m learning some very important things

I’m fascinated by the “blog stats” feature on WordPress. Recently, people have gotten to my blog by searching for: “miss rap supreme,” “diablo cody,” “girl,” and “all my hair cut off.” Oh, and also “brussels.”

The lesson here is that I need to make more pop culture references in my posts so that people find them. I’ll try to be subtle in my blatant attempt to get more than 14 views a day.

Rob Lowe nanny scandal.

Dinner was fast and easy (unlike Rob Lowe’s legal battle with former nanny). Lemon/garlic/rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower.

This is the kind of dinner I love to cook when I don’t feel well, because I spent about 2 minutes on it, total. The recipe for the chicken is from a Robin Miller cookbook, and all I did was season the chicken, dice some potatoes to roast with it, and put one of those steam-in-bag vegetable things in the microwave. The chicken and potatoes were good, but I couldn’t finish mine, so I had half of what you see here. I guess those smart chickens are intelligent enough to make themselves super hearty. The steamed vegetables were, well, vegetables steamed in a microwaveable bag. So, you know. Kind of bland.

After dinner, I finally made a Good Choice and had coffee for dessert. Instead of a slice of cake and two cookies, which was what I really wanted.

I ended up icing it because it’s like 900 degrees in our apartment. Which bodes really well for the summer.

I ended up having some peanut butter to complement this. I can’t be perfect ALL THE TIME.

And, now you all know that I completely lack pop culture knowledge because I can’t think of anything except that Rob Lowe thing, and that’s only because I randomly saw it scroll across a screen yesterday, and then my sister confirmed it for me.

I just asked Matt to help me, because he does a lot more reading of the internet at large than I do. Here’s how it went:

Me: What’s something pop cultural that I can reference?

Matt: Secret Invasion.

Me: That’s a comic. I mean, like, an event.

Matt: It’s an event comic. It’s the crossover event of the year. God.

So, okay, here’s my final attempt.

Secret Invasion spoilers.

Actually, I think I’m going to go hide stuff like “Suri Cruise” and “Jamie Lynn Spears” in my code. That’s pop culture, right? People still care about them


3 Responses to I’m learning some very important things

  1. Donna says:

    Clemence Poesy pretty much rocks a couple different dimensions of the pop culture universe. She’s in a Harry Potter movie. She’s French. And, she does ads for perfume with Chloe Sevigny, so there’s a little indie cred. You should find out what kind of food she eats and make that.

  2. Jenny says:


    What’s Harry Potter?

  3. Donna says:

    Did Matt make you ask that? Tell him it’s a graphic novel about a boy with special powers. It’s from the “all text” genre of graphic novels, where all the graphics are reserved for the covers. Very crossover.

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