It’s hard to be a model of domesticity all of the time

In another installment of “Jenny has bad luck driving to the airport,” the check engine light came on in my car on the way to Kansas City this morning. It was annoying. But, don’t worry, it didn’t stop me from going to the Merc and blowing money I don’t have on Fage 0% yogurts. Good thing, too, because now that I’ve paid the car people to replace the “thermostat” (thermostats are for HOUSES, car people. don’t think you’re fooling me), I would probably have felt guilty about it. It’s hard to have such specific yogurt needs that you can’t buy Dannon like normal people. Good thing I’ve got that stimulus check coming my way. Thanks, Uncle Sam.

I was going to cook something wonderful and exciting since I had the day off today, but, after driving a lot, walking a lot, and spending a lot of money, and eating a lot of snacks this afternoon, I didn’t feel like it. So I made this fancy salad with mixed greens, pears, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, there’s also a walnut in there. That’s all I had left in the bag.

I had more to say, but I think something’s wrong with the laptop. It’s burning my legs.

That’s code for: Matt is finally done watching TV and I can go finish my DVRed episodes of Work Out now.


One Response to It’s hard to be a model of domesticity all of the time

  1. Donna says:

    Hey good job, that Work Out mention should get you some hits!

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