Okay, what now?

It’s 6:03 and I’ve already made dinner, eaten dinner, and cleaned most of the dishes. Am I some kind of robot?

Here’s what we had tonight:

Chicken-Orzo Salad with Goat Cheese.

I love these Cooking Light 20 minute dinners. They’re awesome for Wednesdays when there’s a 30 minute window between my coming home from work and Matt leaving for work. I changed a few things up with this recipe – spinach instead of arugula, balsamic instead of red wine vinaigrette, cut down on the olive oil. But, I did follow their suggestion of serving it with pita wedges. Because I do what I’m told.

And now, I’m sitting here watching Work Out and they’re FREAKING ME OUT with all their talk of visceral fat and gross stuff like that. One of the reasons I ate dinner so early was that I was planning to go to this program on energy efficiency at the public library, but now it’s raining and windy and I feel really lazy, so I’m not sure. Is it wrong to drive 3 blocks to a program on greener living?

Maybe I’ll stay home and be energy efficient by not getting off the couch. I can pick some recipes from this awesome book Matt brought home from work for me.

I like how it looks like it’s suspended against the back of the couch. I’ve been afraid to tell you this, but I’m a magician


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