If you haven’t caught on yet, we typically don’t eat a huge amount of meat. Cows and pigs gross me out as a rule, so no beef or pork, and sometimes I get tired of heartlessly hunting the chickens, plucking them, etc. It’s a hard knock life.

We’ve had a lot of poultry lately, because every time I asked my mom what she wanted to eat while she was here, she said “No bulgur. Chicken.” So, I stockpiled chicken and turkey and we’ve eaten a lot of that recently, and there’s more in our future before it goes bad.

I lost my way again.

Oh, right. Okay, so, to take a break in the middle of all that poultry, I decided I wanted to experiment with a new protein source, so I tried Veganomicon‘s chickpea cutlets.

The cutlets were okay. I think they tasted almost too meaty, though. I made six, instead of the four that the recipe called four, so they were a little smaller. They’re kind of plain on their own, so I decided to mimic the gyros I used to get at Mediterranean Deli when we lived in Chapel Hill and Matt worked right next door to it. Oh, to live in a town with a Mediterranean restaurant…

Anyway, so, I broke one of the cutlets into two pieces, whipped up a tahini-yogurt sauce with Donna’s consultation, and shoved it all in a whole wheat pita.

That’s the rest of the tahini sauce. Is that gross? Sorry, I have no food filter.

I wanted to put some lettuce and cheese in there to complete my at-home Med Deli creation, but they wouldn’t fit, so I just had a salad on the side with mixed greens, goat cheese, and an agave-lemon dressing.

Since I know you were all concerned about this, I did go to the energy efficiency thing last night. And, good thing I did, because they had three door prizes (compact fluorescent bulbs, natch), and three of us showed up. So I scored a free light bulb.

Tomorrow I have to fast before my CT scan and echo cardiogram. For FOUR HOURS. This may not seem like all that long, but it’s from 10-2, a timeframe during which I typically eat AT LEAST twice, if not three times. What? I’m a snacker.

I’m also going to a nutritionist tomorrow, which means that I have three medical appointments in one day – a new record! At least one of them is food-related and, therefore, fun.


2 Responses to Mmmmmeaty

  1. Matt says:

    You left some for me right? I’m totally hungry.

  2. Jenny says:

    No, I ate all six. Ooops!

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