Something old, something new

We have tons of leftovers in the fridge, so I didn’t want to make a whole new meal. So, I was all settled on heating up some of that quinoa/corn/black bean salad. But then, we had a ton of spinach left, and some potatoes that were starting to look a little off. So I changed my plans at the last minute and decided to go with the last chickpea cutlet with some spinach and some baked potato chips.

The chips were ready, the spinach was awesome, I was so excited, and then… the chickpea cutlet was totally sick. I mean, I know it’s been a week or whatever, but it basically disintegrated in front of my face. GROSS. So I went out back to the grocery store and picked up some veggie burgers to stand in for the chickpea cutlet.

By then, the spinach was cold, the chips I baked were kind of limp, the apartment was about 900 degrees again, and I was in a really bad mood. So I just served it all up with some of my new sriracha as a dipping agent, and I added some yogurt after I tasted the sriracha and it almost made my face explode.

That’s a Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lovers’ Burger shoved in that pita there. It was actually really good. So I guess something positive came out of this experience. Or, at least, something besides a huge pile of dirty dishes.

Sriracha is pretty awesome. I don’t eat a lot of spicy food, so there were a few points at which I was actually crying, but it tastes good, and it complemented the chips and veggie burger well, so I toughed it out. Matt’s dad would have been proud of me. Also, my sinuses feel clearer.

I’m going to go let the power of my bad mood put me to sleep now. I should wake up in the perfect frame of mind to deal with the middle school group that’s coming to tour the library tomorrow morning. Ahh, 30 sulky 12-year olds. Perfect way to end my week.

But then, there will be Iron Man. So there’s no sense in complaining.


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