Let’s call this… Sunday night

I woke myself up sneezing at four different points during the night (I also tried to wake Matt by groaning loudly and stomping around to get tissues so that he could sympathize with my pain and comfort me, but it didn’t work), but I didn’t actually get out of bed until 10:30. As you can see, I am a highly motivated individual. Since then, I have: gone to the gym, gone to the storage unit for more fans, gone to three different grocery stores (I have special needs), caused a scene at the Starbucks in the first grocery store by having the gall to use a gift card, looked at magazines at Hastings and confirmed my suspicion that Martha Stewart is somehow behind them all, cooked dinner, eaten dinner, and watched several episodes of Seinfeld. Including that one with the valet who has such bad B.O. that nothing gets the stink out of the car. It gets me every time.

We had those Veganomicon black bean burgers again, with some spinach and roasted sweet potato chips.

You will notice that I have yet again violated the vegan sanctity of the black bean burgers by adding cheese.

I had every intention of cleaning tonight after dinner, but when I got home from the gym this afternoon and Matt had already cleaned the whole apartment. Because he is made of goodness and light. That is also why he is in the kitchen doing dishes while I am blogging and watching a horribly depressing show about the top ten kitchens in the United States. Every single one of them is at least twice as big as our entire apartment. Oh wait, now it’s a different show about some couple buying a house, but there’s a catch – they have to stay under $625,000 dollars. HOW WILL THEY DO IT???

This is why I never watch HGTV. Matt said I should watch the kitchen show, because it would give me something to aspire to. But really, what more could I want? A kitchen with a normal floor instead of remaindered carpet? More than three and a half square feet of counter space? A refrigerator that doesn’t stink?

Dare to dream.


2 Responses to Let’s call this… Sunday night

  1. arielle says:

    I do that to Chris all the time. Whenever I can’t sleep I will toss and turn until he wakes up. And by toss and turn I mean throw my body around violently, fling my arms around, kick him, whatever I have to do.

  2. Jenny says:

    Then do you say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up”?

    Yeah, me neither.

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