Celebration station

I was up until all hours with the college children, monitoring their drink and snack consumption and taking pictures of them as they played Guitar Hero III. I didn’t even get home until 12:30 which, for a Sunday night, is about three hours past my bedtime.

Yes, I am your grandmother.

Anyway, so I somehow still made it to work on time today, and managed to work a full day, only behaving like a zombie for a few hours. But, needless to say, by the time I dragged myself home, I didn’t want to cook, and I was all geared up to order pizza.

And then, I came home and got engaged. And that seemed like another reason for pizza. Really, all signs were pointing to this:

I realize that some people believe that cheese is the essence of pizza. Or something. So I added my own to my cheeseless pizza. So, here we have goat cheese and veggie pizza. I also had a regular cheese slice. AND NO SALAD. It’s a celebration.

I think I’ve always associated pizza with celebrations, possibly because I heard a lot of ads for this growing up. Or because of an early life Chuck E. Cheese experience. Or was it Showbiz? Those bears, I swear.

And, because I promised my mom I would (her email is broken):

Coolest ring ever.

From this experience, I have learned that I have freak fingers. This ring is a size 3 1/2. And it’s a little loose. I guess the jewelers were fascinated by this because I know there were many comments about how they’d never made a ring this size. For an adult.



3 Responses to Celebration station

  1. arielle says:

    Wow, really? That is the coolest ring ever. Your boyfriend is very smart. Congratulations!

  2. Jenny says:

    First the fancy grilled cheese, now this. It’s almost too much to take.

    I’m almost afraid to wear it. I’m kind of a spazz.

  3. russ says:

    Jeez, you’d think if you were getting engaged you’d put a little more goat cheese on your pizza.

    Sorry, I’m just bitter because Brynn’s been talking about nothing but you getting engaged for the last two days. At least she’s subtle about it… not. Way to bring the pressure.

    Seriously, though… congrats!

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