Wherein I cook chicken. Again.

Tonight was another Ellie Krieger special – Tuscan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables.

We got the recipe from her cookbook, but I think it’s probably also on the Food Network website somewhere. I could Google it and find a link for you, but come on people. I’m a librarian. I Google things all day long. I blog to find solace from my day to day life.

I don’t travel much, so I have no idea what made this “Tuscan,” but I do love a good roasted tomato. Roasted zucchini is also a winner. The recipe called for fennel as well, but we are not fancy like that, so I just ignored that line. I’ve gotten excellent at that. I also made some rice. That Uncle Ben’s 90-second microwaveable stuff, because I fell asleep while dinner was cooking and woke up when the oven buzzed. The rice is kind of creepy. But I think I like it. As much as one can like shelf stable rice in a bright orange pouch.

In other news, it is almost the end of the semester, which means that next week at this time, I could potentially be having a beer in a virtually student-free environment for the first time since early January. And then, it was too cold to leave the house.

Wow, I almost just teared up with excitement. Living in college towns can be challenging. Fortunately, I’ve chosen a career path that will keep me in them for the next forty years.

Good move, Jenny. Good move.


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