Salad burger

I wanted a light dinner because I’m going to try to go to kickboxing tonight, but I was starving, so it had to be fast. I decided on a veggie burger and a salad, but while the burger was cooking, I realized I had some spinach that needed to be used, so I threw the salad toppings on my burger and had some sauteed spinach with lemon and pepper on the side.

Fascinating, I know.

Soon, I will probably have some cereal. I’ll spare you the visual.

I was hoping that I’d get home and the apartment would be a mess so that I’d have an excellent excuse for skipping kickboxing, because I’m kind of nervous about going for the first time since my lungs went whack. But Matt cleaned while I was at work, so nothing’s stopping me. Except for the couch and the remote, which are calling me with their sweet, sweet siren songs.


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