It was kind of weird today, weather-wise. This morning I was actually kind of cold, because it was raining and really windy. I also stepped in a puddle and had to go back inside and change my clothes. It’s kind of sad to think how often this happens. If only I worked from home more.

Anyway, so I decided during that time that I would make this steel cut oat risotto for dinner, because it would be all warm and comforting, and because I’ve been experimenting with breakfasts other than oatmeal this week. It’s left me feeling kind of… wistful. Oh, oats. I just can’t quit you. Even when it’s 91 degrees in my home.

Later, it got sunny and nice and warm-ish, and I had the afternoon off so I got to hang out with Matt and run some errands and go to the gym at a different time, with all of the old people who hog the treadmills going like 1mph. That’s what the indoor track is for, old folks.

I also had to go to the mall twice. Once is enough to leave me paralyzed with anxiety, so you can only imagine what twice did. Plus, I have these out of body experiences where I go into the candy store and buy some candy “for Matt” and then I’m mindlessly reaching into my purse for it as I walk around the Gap or whatever and I CANNOT STOP MYSELF. Seriously. It’s like I’m watching someone else.

So, the point of the story is.

I was annoyed with the people who work at Victoria’s Secret and I was all tweaked out on too much sugar. So I needed something nutritious AND comforting. So risotto it was. I even found some frozen butternut squash in the freezer. Score!

And now I have to go talk to Matt about simulated basketball games.

As in, games that do not happen in real life.

Wait, he just said, “They DO happen in real life. They just don’t involve real people.”

Got it?


3 Responses to Ris-oat-o

  1. arielle says:

    Matt and Chris would be BFF.

  2. glidingcalm says:

    i tagged you. see my blog for rules/details!

  3. Jenny says:

    They should start sports blogs!

    Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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