Wow, what an inspired post title. I bet you’re all “NOW I remember why I read this blog.”

Today was dramatic. I knew it was supposed to storm, and I went into a meeting at 9 and the sky was kind of cloudy and weird. When I got out of my meeting at 10, the sky was totally black. Seriously, I was confused about why I was working in the middle of the night (I only had one cup of coffee this morning so I wasn’t totally alert). I called Matt because it was raining really hard and I wanted him to check the new air conditioner to make sure no water was coming in. While we were on the phone, we could hear the tornado sirens, but they test them on Mondays, so no big deal.

Then, the building manager at work came on the PA and was all “THIS IS NOT A DRILL, GO TO THE FIRST FLOOR.” And so, of course, I freaked out and called Matt back and said “THIS IS NOT A DRILL. GO TO THE BATHROOM. IT IS NOT A TEST. GO TO THE BATHROOM!” The bathroom is the safest place in our apartment during a tornado, in case that wasn’t clear. Then, it turns out that they were running the tornado sirens because it was hailing so badly and they wanted people to stay away from their windows. Softball-sized hail or something ridiculous.

Right now, my entire family is saying “MOVE BACK TO NORTH CAROLINA.”

Anyway, I went to kickboxing after work and it was so hardcore that I was really afraid someone might have to scrape me up off the floor at the end. So, I was really hungry and wanted something that would fill me up. So, here are some bean and avocado enchiladas from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan:

You may not be able to tell, but they kind of fell apart. But it didn’t matter, because they were some kind of awesome. Pinto beans, mushrooms, cashews, onions, and some mashed avocado. I used much less avocado than the recipe called for (like 3/4 of one instead of two). That was a smart move, because otherwise it never would have fit in the 12 tortillas I had left. Also, it meant I had room for dessert.

Then, we went to do laundry in the basement of the house next door, and while we were loading the machine, something totally started MAKING NOISE AND MOVING in the garbage can. I can’t even begin to imagine. So, being mature and tough, I ran away and screamed “take the laundry out, TAKE IT OUT.” And then I had to wash stuff in the sink.

Luckily, I rediscovered my jar of Nutella when I was looking for pinto beans, so I turned to it for comfort in my time of stress.

And now I’m going to go read a report about Integrated Library Systems.



3 Responses to Enchiladas

  1. debbie says:

    the enchiladas look awesome and make my stomach growl and it is 6:51 in the a.m.!

    must be creature/feature week… andrew was chased around the house at midnight by a bat. baci was nonchalant as it periodically dive bombed her head.

    on a happier note, i am having fun watching a family of teeny carolina wren hatchlings, whose mom and dad built their nest in the top of my giant bag of potting soil!

  2. arielle says:

    The people who live next door just let you do laundry in their basement? Or do you break in?

    I don’t understand that kind of weather.

  3. Jenny says:


    Yikes! Birds are definitely better than bats!


    We totally break in! That’s why they planted the mouse/rat/possum/raccoon down there to scare us.

    No, I’m just kidding. Our landlord owns that house too, so it’s a big communal laundry. And it stinks. So we only use it in emergencies. Which no longer exist in my mind, as I will never be going down there again.

    This weather sucks. How’s the weather in New York this time of year? Maybe we will vacation there this summer. No tornadoes, I bet.

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