Wheat berry surprise!

Okay, I have about 42 seconds to post dinner because we just got back from the laundromat (where there were no rodent-type creatures, I might add), and it’s almost my bedtime and my alarm is going to ring in about two hours to get me up for the gym. Okay, more than two hours. But 4:50 is early.

We tried wheat berries tonight. I liked them a lot, because I love all grains, and Matt (ALLEGEDLY) thought they were bland, because he is ambivalent to all grains. Though I will say, he does like bulgur a lot. Especially in a bulgurrito type of situation.

So, we had a quick dinner of Southwestern Wheat Berry Pilaf (well, a variation thereof) and Southwestern Turkey Cheddar burgers. That one was also a variation, because I thought pepper jack would be better than cheddar, and I was right.

Here’s a close-up of delicious Wheat Berry Pilaf:

Matt’s been playing it cool all night but I’m pretty sure he secretly loved it. Maybe so much that it frightened him. I think that’s why be why he’s been making so many wheat berry jokes. Because he can’t come to terms with his grain-related emotions.


9 Responses to Wheat berry surprise!

  1. debbie says:

    andrew and amber are here eating breakfast with me.
    they both agree with moi that turkey burgers look yummy.
    can we cook them on the grill outside this summer?
    (first i need to get an outside grill)

  2. Matt says:

    No, I still stand by my assessment that wheat berries are the blandest of the bland. It was only my liberal use of lime juice that saved the day!

  3. Matt says:

    Let me also add, Hi Mom!

  4. Aimee says:

    I like Wheat Berries as well. We had Spelt Berries last night. It was a Rice Pilaf variation recipe. With mushrooms. Very good. And the BF likes it too.

  5. debbie says:

    amber was going to make turkey burgers tonight, but instead she bought the most amazing little Kairn terrier puppy, Patrick, so needless to say, we’ve all been playing with him, instead of eating. He is adorable. Finally, Tim made spaghetti, and i made a giant salad from Daryl’s friend Bill’s wonderful organic farm in Chatham Co. the pup is sleeping. Something about puppies just makes life seem really good.

  6. Matt says:

    That’s pretty rough when your own Mom disses you. On a blog. In the comments.

  7. glidingcalm says:

    that looks yummy! im scared to try certain grains too sometimes..

    and damn girl… your enchiladas be lookin fine!!

  8. Jenny says:


    Puppies are definitely more fun than turkey burgers. I mean, not for eating. Are you really getting a grill?? I see grilled veggies in our future… According to the book I’m reading right now, you save lots of petroleum by eating local, so that salad sounds like a good idea.

    My favorite part of all of it was when you took your first bite and then said “Wow. I put A LOT of lime juice in this.” I also liked your rhymes about wheat berries and their blandness.

    SPELT BERRIES?!?! You just blew my mind. I’m going to look for these next. Do they cook the same way? And a partner who loves the grains? Imagine that.

    Matt again-

    I loved the wheat berries but they were super chewy, so I don’t know if I really cooked them right. Those enchiladas were really good! Deveganized with some regular cheese, of course.

  9. debbie says:

    to matt: never dissed by your mom. she loves you tooo much.

    jenny: is this okay to talk like this on your blog?? i feel guilty that i am not talking about wheat berries more. blog etiquette??

    and yes i do want to get a little hibachi kinda grill. esp. now that the next 2 weeks are 99± temperature and that oh so refreshing nc humidity. please reassure matt that i would never diss him intentionally. i am beginning to feel a bit like charlie brown in that i can never get it right.

    guess i should stick to talking about SEE FOOD.
    we are eating out tonight. yipee.
    (going to see the Carolina Ballet and the Red Clay Ramblers – i know that is not food, but couldn’t resist.

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