Storm blogging

Last night was kind of busy, so I didn’t post. Tonight was kind of TOTALLY RIDICULOUSLY NUTS. But I’m posting. Because I know you care.

Last night I made another barley risotto, this one with summer vegetables and goat cheese. I also baked a pasta dish for a co-worker who just had a little girl, so by the time they were both finished I was so hot that I actually had to check and make sure that my person wasn’t on fire. So, I wasn’t that hungry. I made a smaller serving of the pasta dish for Matt to taste-test, so I picked at that and then ate some risotto and a salad:

The return of the monkey plate.

Here are some things you should know about me:

  1. If I have my hair pulled back and I’m not at the gym, that means that I Officially Mean Business and am probably doing some kind of web design and will likely have a migraine when I get done.
  2. If I am wearing shorts and I’m not at the gym, then I am… actually, no. That doesn’t happen.
  3. If I am using the monkey plate, I am in a bad mood.

I’ll try to think of a few more to really illuminate these dark corners of my Self.

Here’s the pasta I baked for my co-worker:

I hope she likes it.

Today was ridiculous. We had a tornado watch and then a fire alarm at work, and I had to herd people out of the building and then guard the door so that they wouldn’t go back in. Seriously, you have no idea how much people love a library until you tell them they can’t go in.

Then the tornado watch was supplemented by a severe thunderstorm warning and I booked it home, and managed to be here for about five minutes before the tornado sirens went off. Now, we don’t have a basement. Or, there’s one in our building but we don’t have access to it, and I obviously wasn’t about to go to critterville next door. So, anyway, I ran two blocks to this old hotel that is now a restaurant and apartments and hung out in the basement with a nice chick who had a weather radio and a few other people, including Ellen from work. All of the idiot people eating in the fancy restaurant were just standing by the windows. TORNADO WARNING, PEOPLE. One touched down pretty close to here, but we were spared. For now. If you’ve been watching the weather, you know that there’s a huge swath of storms from the Dakotas down to Texas, and, lucky us! We’re in it.

So I had some risotto and some bread and now I’m going to obsessively hit refresh on the six weather websites I have open.

If you never hear from me again, well, just know I took a Clif bar with me as I sought shelter.


2 Responses to Storm blogging

  1. arielle says:

    Your life boggles my mind. Tornado sirens? Why do you live there? I’m nervous for you.

    Also, I had to read the part about your person being on fire out loud to Chris because I thought it was so funny. Granted, I’ve been drinking wine. But still.

  2. Donna says:

    You faced down your first serious midwestern summer storm! Good job! Maybe you should start a weather blog, too. It could be #2 in the “See” family of blogs. See Weather? See Me Hide? It would be awesome.

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