I don’t have any pictures of our dinner, because I didn’t make it. Instead, it was lovingly prepared by some anxious-looking teenagers working at Panera. I overexerted myself on the Arc Trainer again today and when I came home, I really didn’t want to cook dinner. I also really wanted some french fries. I spent most of my workout trying to remember the last time I ate them, but I couldn’t. Anyway, we went to Panera, which does not have french fries, but we had a gift card, so it was free food that I didn’t prepare. I did have some chips. So that helped.

Today was really hot and really busy and I only barely got to take a nap, but it started out wonderfully, like this:

That’s the farmers market. I would have taken a better picture but 1) I’m obviously inept when it comes to photography and 2) it was too bright to really tell what was happening.

I’m reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and her husband mentions in the book that if you eat one locally produced meal per week you save something like 9 billion oil barrels (give or take) because your food doesn’t travel as far. Wait, it may actually be if everyone ate one locally produced meal per week. That might make more sense. But, I’m too lazy to go find the book. So I’ll go on. I bought ingredients for one fully local meal this week. A light one, granted, but it’ll do. I will have to supplement it with some Alma cheese, not purchased at the farmers market, but still local. It would be easier to do this if our farmers market were a little bigger, or if we ate the kind of meat they sell there. Like beef. And bison. But, we don’t.

Here’s my favorite purchase:

Strawberries! This whole thing was only 3.00. What a steal! I’ve been choking down nasty ones that probably come from California or Mexico or Japan or wherever, but now I can eat these delicious local berries that didn’t travel nearly as far. I feel so virtuous.

I immediately had some with my breakfast:

I usually eat oat bran for breakfast, but it was already 87 degrees at 8:30 so something a little cooler seemed appropriate. It’s plain yogurt, a little agave, half of a sample of Kashi granola, sliced almonds, cinnamon, and, obviously, strawberries.

Imagine another bowl, almost identical except that I used cereal instead of granola, because that’s what I ate just now. Luckily, I finished just as Matt was putting Predator in the DVD player, because eating and this movie don’t go hand in hand.

Tomorrow I have a Very Long To-Do List, which will be dictating my day, and they’re predicting more “strong storms,” so that should make for a nice, anti-relaxing Sunday.


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