I am losing my mind.

In the five hours between now and bedtime, I need to: go to the gym and do cardio AND weights, hit the ATM, go to the drugstore to get a travel bottle of contact solution, sort through the piles of clothing I’ve been avoiding for weeks, decide which ones I’m wearing for my conference, iron them, try them on to make sure they look okay, iron them again because they’ll be wrinkled, decide whether or not I’ll feel comfortable taking a bathing suit, pack everything, run around frantically to gather handouts for my presentation, and also eat some cake.

And did I mention that I woke up at 2 this morning? This is why I hate to travel.

I’m blogging to keep from crying.

On the bright side, Matt made a delicious dinner for me so that I would have one less thing to worry about. It’s pasta with white beans and chard, from a book called Vegan Express. I added my signature vegan ingredient – cheese:

That’s one of our marriage bowls. And a plastic fork because the real ones are all dirty. Oops.

This was a really good dinner. Thanks, Matt!

I’m not taking the camera to Anaheim because 1) I’d probably lose it and 2) it’s not actually mine. Also, I don’t know that I’ll be eating anything interesting because I understand that food is so expensive there that you really can’t. So I’m packing a lot of Larabars, basically. And some Kashi bars thrown in for good measure. And instant oatmeal. So, I may actually come back part grain.

Sadly, I will have to celebrate my 25th birthday at the conference. Oh well, at least I’ll get to spend it with friends I don’t usually see. I’m sure they’ll be ready to throw down. You know how librarians are.

Or maybe you don’t. But rest assured, they really do like to throw down.


3 Responses to I am losing my mind.

  1. debbie says:

    bravo matt! great to see you cooking, too.
    looks yummy. hope your conference/trip to CA went well jenny. enjoy your 2nd birthday celebration when you get back to the little apple!

  2. See Food says:

    […] back. I got a huge bunch of chard at the farmers market yesterday, and I was planning to make this recipe again, but I decided to get fancy and do my own […]

  3. […] made this a few times before, but it’s fast and takes advantage of local produce, and I like it. So here we […]

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