I am clumsy.

Okay, so we had a nice little mini-honeymoon/celebration of Matt’s birth in Lawrence, which involved more food than it probably should have. Good food. But a lot. But a mini-honeymoon comes around, what, once every… month or so?

Anyway, after all the wedding/conference/birthday/Matt’s birthday/mini-honeymoon eating, I was all prepared to come back home and get back into my exercise and healthy(ish) eating routine and then I tripped while putting on some shorts yesterday afternoon and stubbed my toe so hard that I couldn’t walk for a few hours. So, being the smart and healthy person that I am, I skipped the gym and ate cake instead!

This morning I happened to notice that my toe was gray. Oops. I hobbled to work and called the doctor, who did some x-rays and things. Turns out it’s not broken! Just badly bruised! Sweet! But I can’t bend it and it looks really gross. Seriously. My doctor actually said “eww.” Needless to say, I was advised against kickboxing. I can’t exercise for 48-72 hours, and even then, I’m supposed to do the stationary bike until it fully heals. I loathe the stationary bike. I guess this is why you shouldn’t walk and put on shorts at the same time. This morning while I was getting ready for work, Matt yelled “STAND STILL,” just as a reminder.

But enough about me!

Just kidding. This whole blog is about me.

It was really hot today and we had almost no groceries, so we threw together this Mexican Pasta Salad, from Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites, which I picked up for 8 bucks in Lawrence. I love all things Moosewood, and this was no exception. Light but filling and if I’d only been able to resist the cookies I had afterwards, it would have been a really healthy end to my day.


I need to go ice my gimp toe now.


One Response to I am clumsy.

  1. arielle says:

    I would have called off work for that. Toes are important.

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