Curry times two.

I rarely make enough portions of a meal to have substantial leftovers. I cut recipes in half or thirds or whatever, just to avoid having food that’s going to sit in the refrigerator. I usually make enough of whatever we have for dinner so that Matt can have another serving for lunch the next day, but it’s my personal philosophy that leftovers are gross and can kill you.

What? That’s totally logical. BACTERIA, PEOPLE. It grows. Plus, our fridge stinks. So there you go.

But last night,  I made a gigantic pot of Zucchini/Chickpea/Tomato Curry from Eat, Drink, and be Vegan. It has a real name but all of those components are in it, so if you have EDBV, you should be able to use your deductive skills to find it.

Which I would recommend. Because it’s major.

It’s got pretty much everything I would ever want from a curry: chickpeas, red potatoes (I subbed these in for sweet potatoes), zucchini, spices, a nice tomato base. Matt was also pretty into it, so even though I was worried at first about what we’d do with all the leftovers, we ended up polishing the whole batch (“4-6 servings” according to Dreena Burton) in two nights. Not bad. We had it with Brown Basmati rice, which is really good. I think the company is RiceSelect, and I’ve heard they make a whole wheat orzo, as well. And I’m all over that, so hopefully it’s not just a rumor.

Also – I went to the gym and I did not ride the bike. I hit the Arc Trainer and managed to stick with it for 40 minutes, when my toe got kind of numb and I had to quit to walk the indoor track for a while and then lift in the weight room, aka, the dude section. I hate the way guys at the campus gym lift weights. They go way too fast, they’re always yelling at each other (COME ON, MAN, YOU CAN DO TWO MORE REPS), sharing stores about getting food poisoning from eating raw eggs, and at least once during every trip to the gym, I am convinced that one of them is in labor because of the way he’s grunting. Honestly. Nothing should hurt like that.

There was only one other woman in the area, and she was doing bicep curls with 40 pound weights. Is that normal? Because I don’t think I can do that.

Anyway, the point is.

With all of that activity and weight room anxiety, plus the fact that I spent five hours cleaning and organizing this morning, I was starving for dinner, so the leftovers actually worked out nicely. We also just took a walk because it’s unseasonably nice outside, and now I’m hungry again. LUCKILY, I happened to buy some delicious soy ice cream today with a gift certificate to People’s (thanks, Tara!). And now I’m going to eat it.


4 Responses to Curry times two.

  1. OH MAN, I totally hear you about the RAW EGG thing!!! Once I ate 8 raw eggs, and then when I was yelling at my buddy to do JUST FIVE MORE REPS YOU WEAKLING I got this feeling in my gut and suddenly I thought I was in LABOR. Seriously, it really hurt and I groaned and grunted but NO ONE NOTICED and I have no idea why.

    Also 40 lbs for bicep curls IS NOT NORMAL because anyone NORMAL can curl at least 10X that amount.

  2. Jenny says:


    Thanks for the insight. I’m pretty sure I saw you at the Rec today. I like that creative thing you did with your shirt, where you cut vents in the side. Crafty.

    I hope you saw me curl 400 pound weights, because I did it for you.

  3. Livia says:

    Maybe I should stop eating raw cookie dough, it might make me pregnant.

  4. Jenny says:


    That is the best comment I’ve ever had.

    But, on a more serious note, you probably don’t want to have an egg baby. So, you just might want to keep that in mind next time you hit the cookie dough. Egg babies are a lot of work.

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