Mas stretchy

We had another busy day, and my toe was kind of sore, so I decided to skip my usual Cardio Craze class in favor of a 90 minute yoga class. All classes are hit or miss at my gym, since the instructors are primarily undergrads, so I don’t venture out and try new ones often, but this time I’m glad I did. I’ve been having lots of hip pain in recent weeks, and when I went to get a massage last weekend, I almost started screaming whenever my left hip was touched. She gently suggested that I might want to come back and work on that and recommended yoga in the meantime. But I didn’t make it to noon yoga all last week, so this was my first opportunity.

I was nervous when the instructor walked in wearing platform flip-flops, but she was actually really good. It was a nice blend of vinyasas and balancing poses and tons and tons of leg stretching. Now my hips feel all stretched out. Next stop: hamstrings! I will be able to touch my toes one day. I BELIEVE.

The only bad part was when there was a brown recluse crawling across the floor towards the woman in front of me. They’ve had an “outbreak” of them at the gym, which just makes everything more exciting. Whatever, I pay 13 dollars a month, so I can’t really complain. The instructor killed it and then, visibly upset, told us that she usually doesn’t kill bugs. Um. Not a bug, my young friend. An agent of death.

When I got home, we ate some peanut noodles that I prepared earlier.

Tasty. We took a short walk, as it’s nice again today, and then stopped at the grocery store behind our house for a few things. I was overcome with a craving for chocolate milk, and we could only find reduced fat kind that also had HFCS. I bought it anyway and mixed it with my regular milk. Even at a 1:3 evil chocolate to skim ratio, it’s awesome.

Now I’m going to go make my muesli for tomorrow morning and read and pretend tomorrow isn’t Monday.


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