Peanut butter is good in everything.

Tonight was the last night of Sunday night yoga for the summer, which was sad. I usually feel a lot of exercise guilt if I don’t do my five days of 45 minutes of cardio, but yoga has really been giving me an attitude makeover this summer. I look forward to it, which is kind of strange, since I’m really not that good at it, and I usually only look forward to things I’m good at, like beating Matt at Trivial Pursuit. Every. Single. Time.

But that’s beside the point. I can’t go to noon yoga anymore because it’s way too hot to do vinyasas in a room with a dinky little window unit and then go back to work and pretend like I don’t smell bad. There are two night classes this week, and I’ll try to make them, but I need some DVDs or something, I think. So, I’m looking for any and all recommendations. Please, help me. You’re my only hope(s).

Now for the food. It was insanely hot again today, and I had a really hard time eating. Especially after I went to the grocery store in 100 degree weather and had to witness the carnage that is a 10/$10 sale of little organic raspberry cartons (I managed to salvage three for myself).

I made dinner before yoga, because it was a carrot-apple-peanut soup that needed to chill. I think it’s my first chilled soup? I’m pretty sure. I was really nervous about it, but that turned out to be ridiculous because it had four of my favorite foods: apples, carrots, potatoes, and peanut butter.

The recipe suggested garnishing with crushed peanuts, which sounded like a fine idea to me. This was a pretty small serving for soup, maybe 2/3 of a cup (seriously, it’s the heat. I passed a bank sign that said 108 on the way home from yoga). To balance things out, I had some Kashi crackers and a plum. My first plum ever. It was good.

And now my arthritis is flaring up so I need to go. Hopefully I’ll get my appetite back in time to eat some ice cream or something.


5 Responses to Peanut butter is good in everything.

  1. Matt says:

    Lies, lies. I dominated 1980s Trivial Pursuit the last time we played with your parents.

  2. Donna says:

    Really, neither one of you have any reason to think you’re Trivial Pursuit winners, because you haven’t played me.

    The soup looks awesome. Did the potatoes make it thick, or was there a lot of stock/water in it?

  3. Jenny says:


    You’re right. I had forgotten, but I should have known that I would never have married a man who couldn’t hold his own in a game of Trivial Pursuit.


    That sounds like a challenge!

    As for the soup, it was kind of both. There’s a large baking potato (also a pound of carrots, a yellow onion, and an apple) that thickens it up a lot, but it also has three cups of water and a cup of apple juice to keep it thin enough to still be soupy.

  4. Matt says:

    “Hold his own in a game of Trivial Pursuit”? Wow, that’s damning with faint praise. I DOMINATED Trivial Pursuit, even if you have conveniently forgotten it.

  5. Matt says:


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