In which I persevere in the face of adversity.

The stars were aligned against my workout today. Somehow, I powered through in spite of:

  1. Knee pain the morning that ruined my 5:30 workout plan.
  2. The AC being broken at the gym. Again.
  3. Yoga being canceled due to #3.
  4. My iPod crapping out 12 minutes into my workout.
  5. Did I mention the AC was broken?

They had two floor fans. Two. Floor. Fans. Yeah. That helped. When I was leaving, I think I may have noticed a slight change for the better, but at that point, the damage was done. My kicky green workout top may never be the same again. I also heard one of the kids working there, who was walking around with some sort of temperature gauge, say that it was 88 degrees.

So, I somehow made it through 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Seriously, I think I already blocked it out, because I know it happened, but I can’t really recall it.

I was pretty wiped out when I got home, so I wanted a nice, replenishing meal. And I came up with grilled veggie and tempeh fajitas.

I marinated the tempeh in a tapatio/honey/paprika/garlic/black pepper mix and grilled it. I left the veggies plain and just grilled those, too. You probably can’t tell, but there’s also zucchini, yellow squash, a green pepper, and some mushrooms under there. And, of course, cheese.

I really love tempeh, but I’m always hungry an hour after I eat it. I’m waiting for that so I can have another snack. You know how I love my snacks.


3 Responses to In which I persevere in the face of adversity.

  1. arielle says:

    That’s crazy, because tempeh makes me feel so full I want to die.

  2. Jenny says:

    I feel really full for that hour. But yeah, not in the long run. I think I have a really high grain tolerance. I’m going to stay definitely, actually.

  3. The Cool Sister says:

    Am I hallucinating or are those mushrooms enormous?
    Get it?

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