A very special surprise!

Because I care (and because I had the afternoon off), here’s my lunch and snack for your viewing pleasure.


Deli chicken breast, some reduced fat Colby Jack cheese, a little cream cheese, and some mushrooms, all shoved between two slices of Ezekiel bread and tossed on the grill pan. I also split a nectarine with Matt when he got home from work at 2.


Delicious Brown Cow Maple yogurt (the only sweetened yogurt I ever buy anymore because it is awesome and worth the overload) with some flax and some sliced almonds. I never take yogurt to work because I can’t be relied upon to eat what I bring with me, so sometimes it goes to waste. Since I was home though, it was perfect.

Except when I knocked it over and some of it got on Matt’s records. I told him it was okay because it was healthy. Good thing we’re still in that “honeymoon” period.

Anyway, the sad part is that this is actually more interesting than my usual daytime fare.

The AC is still broken at the gym, but today I’m smart enough to skip it. I randomly picked out a yoga DVD from the library, so I think I’ll do that. As much as I’d like to take the opportunity to skip exercise altogether, I am feeling the need to stay active before our trip to NC (in a week!) because I have a really cute dress to wear and I keep looking at it on the hanger and wondering if I bought accidentally bought it for mini-me. As opposed to regular me.


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