Like I said, we’re going to be eating a lot of pasta.

I did not feel well today. I was light-headed while giving a tour, and then for the next few hours, I felt like my head was trapped inside a metal box.

Is that so strange? Matt seemed confused by it, and asked me if I was hearing an echo.

Anyway, I came home early from work. But I had lots of Things to Do, so I didn’t start cooking dinner until 7:30. I can’t find the list where I planned our meals for the week, so I went for my go-to easy meal that still has protein and green stuff:

I like to call it: Annie’s Mac and Cheese with tuna and whatever vegetables we have. This time, brussels sprouts and broccoli.

I usually only make this for lunch, and typically on Sundays. I like to reserve it for use as a reward for Matt when we get done grocery shopping, as I am apparently difficult to shop with. But then, he thinks a trip to the store should take ten minutes, and how can I possibly touch all of the pretty produce and expensive natural products in that amount of time?

There is some kind of football-related nonsense happening in our neighborhood tonight, and I hope it’s going to be over soon, because I could really use some high quality sleep. We finished the final season of The Wire last night, and I spent way too much time weeping because I don’t have any other shows to watch ruminating over the social issues it brought to light.


3 Responses to Like I said, we’re going to be eating a lot of pasta.

  1. arielle says:

    I buy mac and cheese for Chris after we’re done shopping too! It’s a bribe. It works, too.

  2. Donna says:

    I forgot to say – I’ve had 56 things on the list, and I only crossed out 2.

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