We ate the same thing that we always eat on holidays that generally involve cookouts: turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. Actually, sometimes we have veggie burgers instead of turkey burgers. But tonight, it was turkey all the way.

I really like these Ezekiel buns, but they severely limit my ability to finish a meal. I know you can’t actually even see the turkey burger, as it is dwarfed by 1) giant bun and 2) slice of giant tomato. The farmer’s market tomatoes have been so good these past few weeks. See how pretty and red?

I didn’t even bother making an additional vegetable, as I knew I didn’t really need more volume in this meal. I still managed to polish off the better part of a sweet potato, the burger and veggies, and maybe 2/3 of the bun. I basically feel like I’m going to explode, but I doubt that will stop me from eating this:

Homemade ginger/coconut/oatmeal cookies, courtesy of Donna. These are so good. I already had one and a half as a snack earlier. I got a lot of nice baking stuff as wedding gifts, and I think I need to start using them. Especially if it might mean cookies like these.

In the background is our newly clean desk. Or card table propped up by comic book boxes that serves as a desk. Whatever you want to call it. Matt cleaned it for me on Friday. Now I have a place to blog and eat cookies. Perfect.


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