I’ve been awake for way too long.

I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning, when a crazy loud storm started shaking our house. Matt claims that I fell asleep again, but I don’t remember it, and anyway, my alarm started ringing before 5:00 so that I could get to work super early to finish up a big project. I say started ringing because I didn’t actually quit hitting snooze and drag myself out of bed until 5:30 or something. Anyway, still: I have been awake for too long. And I know because I have been insanely hungry all day, and I’m also getting emotional in my sleep-deprived state. I almost started crying at Law and Order. I mean, she only killed him so he wouldn’t kill again. Tell me: is that so wrong? And then there was that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer installs the garbage disposal in his shower and starts cooking while he bathes. Quirky, or a thinly veiled cry for help??

Anyway, I had a busy day, but that didn’t take my mind off of my deep and constant hunger. I even ran out of my emergency snacks and had to resort to crap like drinking herbal tea in the afternoon to stop the growling. I hate herbal tea. Tea should be made from leaves and contain a lot of caffeine. Luckily, I got to work an hour and a half earlier than usual, so when the pain became too much to take, I left a little early and came directly home to eat cereal. And cook dinner.

This took care of my hunger. It turns out, I just needed some cheese. This is Veggie, Rice, and Cheese Supreme from Clean Eating. I saw this recipe and it had Matt written all over it, so I made it. It reminds me of this horribly unhealthy cheese casserole thing I used to make when I was in grad school that Matt loved. Only this dish actually had some nutrients in it. And colors besides orange.

After dinner, I wanted to go immediately to sleep, but I knew that would mean waking up at 3:30 again, so instead, I went grocery shopping. I’ve had a major sweet tooth tonight, which is semi-unusual for me. I usually have more of a peanut butter tooth. Anyway, I really wanted to get hot chocolate at the Starbucks in the grocery store, but it costs something outrageous like three dollars and I was on a tight budget. So instead, I got some dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. They still pushed me over budget, though not as much, but when I came home all excited to eat them I learned that something was off with this bag. So I threw it away and made my own lame packet hot chocolate with some almond milk.

I’m sorry, what was I talking about?

I think I’ll go read now. Which means that Matt should be coming to peel my book off my sleeping face in about 10 minutes.


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