I love free food.

I went to the gym after work, only to stand awkwardly in the locker room when I realized I had forgotten to pack a few key elements of my workout attire. Like socks. So I left, half work clothes, half workout clothes, looking pretty awesome. These things usually defeat me and mean that I just blow off my entire plan to exercise in favor of eating peanut butter and watching junky television. Not tonight! I’ve worn heels for two days in a row, so I decided that the best way to get the feeling back in my pinky toes was to take a walk. So I did. And only then did I eat peanut butter and watch junky television.

But in between the walk and 90210 (I know, I know) was this:

Pretty simple,  grilled tomato/chicken/cheese sandwich, some vegetable chips, and a lazy salad with mixed greens, yellow pear tomatoes, and some red pepper vinaigrette.

I wish you could see the tomato on the sandwich. It was delicious! Today, Livia brought me some tomatoes from her garden, and I don’t know which kind this was, but it was awesome. It was kind of sweet. She also gave me a purple cherokee and some other kind that is really awesome looking that has a name I can’t remember. Oh, and a cucumber. It was like grocery shopping. At work. For free. Thanks, Livia!

I also had a popsicle. I didn’t take a picture, mostly because I didn’t make it. And also because I’m really clumsy, and the last thing I need is to drop a strawberry on the white carpet in our kitchen trying to take a picture.

During my walk/jog, I made a mental list of the things I need to do this week, and now that I’m home, I’m thinking I need to add “buy new running shoes.” Because, while I’m happy to have the feeling back in my toes, I’m sad that the rest of my feet now feel like I spent the better part of my day walking over knives. So, I’m going to try to do something about that now.


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