I’m starting at the end for people who really just want to read about the food. If you’re one of them, here it is, and you can skip the rest.

Dinner was Garlicky Broccoli, Bean, and Corn burritos from Eat, Drink, and be Vegan. This cookbook is awesome.

I should’ve considered the fact that you couldn’t see the inside. The title is fairly descriptive, though. Basically, we used our brand new food processor (part of our wedding bounty) to puree black beans with some balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. Then, we sauteed chopped broccoli florets, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and frozen corn for a few minutes. Then, we assembled burritos by layering the bean mixture, the veggie mixture, and some cheese, wrapped them up and baked at 375 for 20 minutes. I had mine with some sriracha/yogurt mixture. I also had an apple. I just felt like some fruit.

Since the food processor worked so well for dinner, I decided to use it for something I’ve been curious about since we got it in the mail – sunflower butter! I used these instructions, with honey as a sweetener.

I liked the texture of the result, but I think the seeds were a little past their prime. Also, I don’t recommend using olive oil. It tasted funny. On my grocery list for tomorrow: almonds and some kind of appropriately nutty oil. I love almond butter so much that I never buy it. It’s gone in two days and it costs nine bucks a jar. Not a good ratio. Think of the money I’ll save when I start making my own.

Really, think of it.

Now for the backtracking.

I did not get my shrimp fajitas before my class event on Thursday night, but I did get a Mexican pizza, so there’s not much to complain about there. Yesterday was fairly intense for a Friday, though the whole week was like that, so I guess it was fitting. After work, I used a gift card I got a wedding shower to get a massage, which was awesome, but then I came home and a series of stressful events occurred that negated the positive effects, which was not awesome. But, you win some, you lose some. Anyway, we had veggie burgers for dinner and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it all before.

I had a self-imposed rest day today, and I can probably count the individual things I did on my fingers. I planned to go shopping in Topeka (closest large[ish] mall), but didn’t feel like driving, so I hoofed it to the mall here and spent an hour being mad about it. There are three clothing stores at our mall from which I ever purchase clothing: two department stores and a Gap. I like the Gap. I always have. Their clothes fit me well and they have those “ankle” lengths which have saved me lots of money in alterations fees. But I almost never buy anything at a non-outlet Gap because, seriously, I know that perfectly normal pair of cotton pants assembled in a foreign country by a child is not worth $69.50. That’s highway robbery.

Sadly, the other stores rarely seem to carry my size in adult clothing. And I really can’t go back to the Juniors department. Not just because I don’t understand their odd-numbered size scheme, but also because t-shirts that say things like “playa hata” really don’t go with that professional look I try to cultivate. Everyone already thinks I’m 12 years old. I don’t need to help them.

Anyway, after my exhausting shopping experience, all I could do was sit on the couch and watch Rome. Have you seen this show? We watched two episodes and I’m pretty sure I had my eyes closed 50% of the time. It’s brutal. I had to detox by watching two movies from the Bring it On franchise on ABC Family’s Cheertastic Weekend.

Then, I made dinner.

The end!


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