I think it’s pretty obvious that I need my own show.

I had every intention of making one of the delicious meals from the carefully thought out plan that I devised on Sunday, but then I got home and it all fell apart. I’ve had a headache since yesterday, and I was so tired, and I just wanted a snack. First came some crackers, and then I moved to harder stuff like half my weight in peanut butter, some trail mix, and handfuls of Skittles. I blame the cake I had at work at 10am. I’ve had the sugar sweats ever since. Anyway, in a valiant attempt to salvage the evening nutritionally, I made a smaller than usual dinner of quinoa and steamed brussels sprouts:

Oh, and at the last minute, I threw a little leftover chicken tender on there. I know, I know. It is just too gourmet for you. Sometimes, I pull out all the stops. I do it for the readers.

Now I have to go make an epic decision between doing what I should do (clean), what would be good for me (taking a walk), and what I’d like to do in an ideal world (read until I fall asleep, no later than 8:15 pm).

I think we all know where this night is headed.


2 Responses to I think it’s pretty obvious that I need my own show.

  1. magpie says:

    Reading is good for you… just in a more mental way 😀

  2. Donna says:

    I told you to read, you didn’t, and look what happened. Next time, you should take my advice. 🙂

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