I almost feel like I am not 907 years old.

I am up past 10pm on a Sunday and this post is proof.

I just got back from watching what was arguably the world’s most depressing movie.

Before that, though, I made dinner. I used this delicious recipe for Spinach Rice Gratin.

That’s the whole dish.

That’s my first portion. I had another one, maybe 1/3 this size? It was really good. I think I’ll up the cheese factor when I make it again, though. It could’ve been way cheesier, as far as I’m concerned.

Earlier, I tried this drink that I got at Akin’s yesterday:

I’ve seen Gliding Calm drink these, and I’ve been on the lookout for them, but we don’t have them around here that I can find. So, I was pretty pumped to find them. Until I drank one. In general, I have soda maybe once, twice a month at most. However, I did go through a root beer kick a few weeks ago, so this seemed perfect. I was bummed to find out that it just tasted like diet root beer. I’ve been known to sip a diet soda in the past, but never diet root beer. Some things are sacred.

Also, Matt drank some and said it tasted like this really disgusting fruity-flavored “Refresh and Revive” Aquafina that I bought at Target once, seduced by its savvy marketing claims.

Summing up: we will not be buying stock in Zevia, and I will go back to my usual coffee/water/tea/sometimes beer or wine/almost never soda routine.

Oh wait, right now I am drinking hot chocolate, so that will have to fit in somehow.


2 Responses to I almost feel like I am not 907 years old.

  1. glidingcalm says:

    haha ya Zevia’s were meh. I’m afraid their aspartame twins taste much better.

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