File under: kitchen disasters.

This was an awesome dinner, but not worth the trouble. First, I got an oil burn while making the sauce. Then, we didn’t have crushed tomatoes. Then, the sauce splattered and got everywhere. Then, it turns out that wonton wrappers are kind of weird and ravioli made with them sticks together and forms into a gigantic piece of goop. Then, I couldn’t get any pictures that were even halfway acceptable, and then Firefox crashed and I lost my post.

Actually, there was more, but it’s even more boring, so I’ll skip it.

This ravioli had spinach, white beans, and ricotta inside. Like I said, it was pretty great, not that it matters since it put a damper on my evening. Matt did very generously offer me the pieces that actually managed to maintain some individual shape. He also cleaned the living room to the point that I actually walked in and wasn’t sure it was our apartment. So he’s on my good list.

On my bad list: homemade ravioli. Never again.


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