Another Sunday.

Hey, I finally cooked. Quite an accomplishment, considering that I woke up this morning and basically decided I wasn’t going to do anything today. At all.

But after about 985 hours of whining, I summoned the energy to get out of bed and make oatmeal, and I’ve been going ever since. I got groceries, went to the library, went to the gym, came home and worked on my self-evaluation for work, and made some barley risotto. I realize that only one of those things is relevant here, but HA! I snuck the rest in.

I was planning to make this soup, but we’ve had a very sunny and warm few days here, so I didn’t feel like turning on the oven. I also wanted something labor-intensive, as I find cooking very therapeutic, and there are few things I find more stressful than writing up my accomplishments of the past year for my boss to read. It’s like one of those nightmares where you have all of your lines memorized for the high school play you’re in, but suddenly you’re in front of 1,000 (okay, 100) people and you can’t remember any of them? Except in this case, it’s that I know I’ve done 8 million things since last December, but I can only remember, say, five at a time.

Basically, it’s taking forever.

Also, that actually happened to me, the forgetting my lines thing. Although, instead of being silent, I just started reciting someone else’s. And then I started crying. But it was The Diary of Anne Frank, so the crying just made me look more authentic in my role as Mrs. Frank.

Anyway, here’s the risotto:

It was from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking, which is awesome and pretty and full of recipes that take a long time – perfect for taking a break from my self-evaluation. My love for whole grain risottos is well-established, but this one was extra fun because it had oranges in it. The recipe also called for creme fraiche. Yeah, I don’t really keep that around. I added some extra cheese and voila. It’s basically my ideal meal: a whole grain, fruit, greens, and cheese. All in one pot. Oh, and I took Heidi’s advice and garnished with walnuts. Lovely.


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