On Friday, I was at a conference that had a catered lunch, which included cheese tortellini in a really obscenely delicious cream sauce. It was so good. I only got three pieces or something ridiculous like that, because they weren’t labeled and I didn’t know if they had any kind of beef- or pork-related products in them. I had to stop myself from going back for more. I think I called enough attention to myself by going back to the cookie tray twice and trying to be sly with my “Oh, I’m just looking at the mixed vegetable tray. Aren’t vegetables so good?” look as I swiped another sugar cookie (ETA: I actually ate real food at lunch, including lots of vegetables from the aforementioned tray and some delightful chicken skewers, in addition to three pieces of tortellini and three cookies. Just in case you were worried). Since then, I’ve been wanting more creamy pasta.

Tonight was the perfect opportunity, as I went to the gym and did the hardest group fitness class I’ve done in years. It was a regular 3-2-1 class (three minutes cardio, two minutes weights, one minute abs), but the instructor did something to make it seem like boot camp. At one point, she went into the equipment room to get out a bunch of hula hoops and I said to myself, “Oh, please don’t cry, Jenny. You’ll look so weak in front of these college students.” And then she set up an obstacle course and I tried to pretend it was just more sweat. Coming out of my eyes.

So, basically, I came home and I wanted 1) food 2) lots of it and 3) lots of it with carbs. And so I made pasta with creamy red pepper-feta sauce. Ellie never lets me down.

And now I’m going to go try to read something serious and get ready for the week. And avoid late night snack-cidents. My pants have been a little ill-fitting these last few weeks. And while I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that I’ve cut down on my activity some, stress-eating when I’m not hungry is probably not helping so much. I’m not naming names but I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SMUCKER’S NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER.

While I’m on the subject of stress-eating, I’ve got a lot going on this week, so I may be sporadic with my posts. (And with answering the phone, Mom. Sorry.) I do hope to stick with my meal plan, as it involves pizza.


2 Responses to Carbo-loading

  1. Livia says:

    Noodles! That looks so good.

  2. Jenny says:


    It was awesome and super easy. I highly recommend!

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