Make your own take-out

Once, I checked out a Rachael Ray cookbook from the library, and I gave up on it almost immediately because 1) the meals seemed a little out of the healthy(ish) eating range that I prefer when I eat at home 2) she includes all of these acroynms everywhere (like MYOTO – Make your own take-out) and it was driving me a little crazy and 3) I couldn’t stop hearing her voice when I read through the recipes.

So, the point of all that was that tonight, we made our own take-out: pizza.

Pizza is a complicated thing for me. On the one hand, I know it’s not the best food generally, and I always feel a little sick after I eat at a pizza place. On the other hand, it is pizza. I think you understand what I’m saying. So, I keep trying to make it my way so that I can control the ingredients and, ideally, not feel a little sick after I eat it.

Tonight, I used this awesome pre-made crust I got at People’s and made an at-home version of our favorite pizza from Ingredient in Lawrence – the Applewood.

The messy stove just makes the picture even more authentic, don’t you think?

Anyway, pre-made cheesy herb crust, some tomato paste, a little olive oil, two sliced chicken apple sausages (we finally found them – a short fifty mile drive away!), and some cheese. Bake at 425 for 12 minutes and voila. MYOTO.

I had two slices – one in a proper sit-down way and one that I polished off by taking a bite every time I walked through the kitchen for no reason at all.

And now it’s 8:00 on a Saturday and I see things going one of two ways: I’ll decide that I want to go out, then fall asleep before we actually do, or I’ll decide I want to go out, then remember that I could potentially see my students anywhere we might go and get nervous and change my plans to reading or watching Rome instead.

I know; it’s so hard to keep up with my go go go lifestyle.


One Response to Make your own take-out

  1. magpie says:

    Haha, yeah – Rachel Ray is not so healthy. I always modify the recipes like crazy. Have a good night 😀

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