Soul food

Last night before our class event, I had dinner at Donna’s with a few other teachers. She had the day off work and slaved over a hot stove for hours to prepare this delightful meal for us:

Black-eyed peas with spinach and mustard greens, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat cornbread. It as awesome – I’m already planning to make that cornbread for Thanksgiving. She also made an experimental fruit salad with a spicy dressing:

It was really good had quite the kick from some of those seeds you see there. I have to recommend Tara’s interpretation of the meal, which is far more impressive than mine, I must say.

It was just what I needed to power me through a two and a half hour musical. Maybe Donna will post some recipes for us in the comments.

I would share a picture of tonight’s dinner, which is cooking as I write this, but I bet you know what a frozen pizza and salad bar salad look like. We’re about to head out to our first basketball event of the season, so I opted out of cooking. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the inspiration back.

Okay, it’s hoops time!


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